Lifestyle & Activities

We encourage all residents to participate in our leisure and lifestyle programs both for sheer enjoyment and to help maintain good physical and mental abilities and interests.   Our care staff are always on hand to assist residents to attend activities.   Our dedicated Leisure & Lifestyle team are happy to discuss any ideas residents or their family members may have about activities and interests and Moran are willing to expand and develop programs to cater to individual interests.    We strive to offer programs which suit individual needs and choices, as well as having broad appeal to the majority of residents.

Our residents are invited to participate as appropriate in daily group or individual activities, enjoy performances by professional entertainers, relaxation & meditation classes, art & craft, mens’ groups, happy hour, monthly birthday celebrations and much more.  The Moran bus provides free transport to most programmed activities but there may be some additional charges for some of the activities for example – show tickets, café lunches etc.  We can of course arrange to charge these resident monthly accounts.

We publish a monthly activity program to give residents ample time to plan what they would like to participate in or to invite family and friends to special events.