APRIL FALLS – Moving Right to Stay Upright

April Falls 2017

Did you know that balance and strength will affect a person’s mobility and put them at an increased risk of a fall?  A person’s mobility may be reduced due to the effects of medications (including anaesthetics), acute events and illnesses (e.g. stroke, hip fracture, infection), cognitive impairment and/or delirium. Balance and mobility can further deteriorate as a person becomes less active.

This month Moran Engadine Physiotherapist, Irene Leithhead talked to Gloria Gervasoni, 2SSR FM about why it is important to keep your body active no matter how old you are.   Gloria and Irene discussed how seniors can prevent falls and and what families and friends should look out for if they are concerned about a loved one.

Said Irene Leithhead “Many people don’t realise that as we age it becomes more difficult to step sideways or backwards.   I’m passionate about encouraging and teaching people to maintain their strength and mobility.  At Moran Engadine, I take group exercise classes and work with residents one on one and in group sessions to help them to strengthen, condition and maintain their mobility.”

Moran Physiotherapists also work with residents staying with us for Respite Care, often these residents come to us after a fall or a hospital stay and we assist them with regaining their mobility before they return home.   For more information on Respite Care read more here.

Residents at Moran Engadine participated in a series of seminars and exercise sessions in recognition of April Falls earlier this month.   Listen to the interview here


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