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When we think about our retirement we often list activities and interests that we have not had the time or opportunity to pursue in our younger years. Just recently at Moran Kellyville a group of residents indicated that they would like the opportunity to express themselves creatively. A number explained that this has been something they have not had access to in the past or that although being creative was something that they thought they might enjoy they were worried that they might not be any good at it.
Angela our Lifestyle Activities Officer and Kiana our Relationship Manager decided that they would facilitate some art classes. Said Kiana “The criteria for joining in to have fun with the canvas, use bright colours and let yourself go – being self-conscious about your creative skills is not an option”.

Our Kellyville Residents beautiful art work inspired by Greta Moran.

Since then Art Classes have been a firm favourite on the lifestyle calendar. The group meets once a month and the class experiment with different size brushes, vivid colours and painting techniques.

There’s no shortage of inspiration at Moran Kellyville as the wall spaces features fine art, contemporary art, photography and form a colourful backdrop to day to day living for our residents. Many of the Art Class participants bring their own idea of what they prefer to paint whilst others will choose to replicate elements of a painting or antique that they see every day. “The collection of Moran Health Care Group and Moran Arts Foundation founder Greta Moran’s floral watercolours are very popular, and we often see our painters attempting to replicate some of the aspects of these paintings in their own artworks.” Said Angela.


Participant, Joy said “I always wanted to paint but never had the courage or chance to learn. As the saying goes you are never to old to learn new tricks!”

Our residents often tell us that they are surprised to find themselves reengaging in old hobbies or finding enjoyment in activities that they had never considered before. Gentle group exercise is a great example of this. Recently respite resident Joan told us that the thing she had enjoyed most during her respite stay was doing daily exercises. It wasn’t just the benefit I felt from getting my body moving it was the music and the social aspects of group exercise that I was surprised to experience and enjoy.

Nelly Banag, our General Manager says “Supporting our residents in every aspect of their lives is our focus, whether that’s assisting with activities of daily living such as showering, taking medication, preparing homecooked meals or providing opportunities for companionship, enjoyment and relaxation. Life doesn’t stop when you move into aged care. We hope that we can reconnect you with activities that you enjoy and enable you to participate to the best of your ability.”

If you would like to find out more about Moran Kellyville contact Kiana on 02 991 4222 for a chat.   If you are interested in our involvement in the arts please check out Moran Arts Foundation

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