CORONAVIRUS, COVID 19 – Update 15/3/2020

Whilst there are no reported cases of Coronavirus at any of our Moran Aged Care facilities, we are seeking the additional support of resident families and representatives to assist us in keeping the Coronavirus out of our homes.

Moran have introduced measures in response to this emerging situation to reduce the potential risks to our residents and employees and details of actions we have already taken are provided at the end of this notice. We continue to review the situation daily.

The Prime Minister has today advised that Authorities are considering specific requirements for aged care homes and we will respond and keep you informed as soon as that information is available. However, the seriousness of the situation is increasing and as we are responsible for caring for the most vulnerable people in our society we are asking for your immediate support in the following areas:

We need to take a sensible and practical approach about resident exposure to visitors from outside the home. We ask next of kin and enduring guardians to take the lead within the family unit and provide guidance to family members and friends who may be thinking about making a visit.  Our suggestion at this stage is that you limit visits to close family members and ask extended family and friends not to visit unless necessary.   Encourage them to have telephone catch ups or to send cards and messages instead.

Please make family members and representatives who have been given your permission to visit aware that the virus is most contagious for 24 hours before the onset of symptoms, so it is possible to be contagious before experiencing symptoms.  If you or they have any doubts about their health or concerns about the people, they have been in contact with please advise them not to visit. Handwashing is still considered one of the most effective defences, so please also remind them of this requirement.

Authorities also make a distinction between close and casual contact – with the highest risk being 15 minutes of close contact.   When visiting we ask that you limit the time you spend in the home with your loved one.  We also ask that you limit this visit to your loved one’s room whenever possible and you avoid close personal contact such as kissing, hugging and handshaking. The staff on shift can facilitate these requirements and our Lifestyle team will be available to facilitate phone contact with your loved one. You can email them on

Engadine Lifestyle   Kellyville Lifestyle  Roxburgh Park Lifestyle  Sylvania Lifestyle

Moran will continue our strict entry protocols which are

  • No visits for ANYONE who is unwell or who lives with someone who is unwell
  • No visits for ANYONE including staff and contractors who has returned from overseas in last 14 days
  • No visits for ANYONE including employees and contractors if they reside with someone who has returned from overseas in the past 14 days
  • No visits for ANYONE including employees and contractors (and anyone who they reside with) who has been tested for Coronavirus until results are known.

Our Moran Critical Incident Group meets daily to review latest updates and our response in each of our homes and are in regular contact with your General Manager. The commitment and dedication of your General Managers and their teams in supporting the response measures we have already implemented has been outstanding.  I would ask that you continue to support them in any way you can.  We are facing challenging times ahead, and in the event the situation worsens we will implement our contingency plans which we will share more details with you if they are required to be enacted.

We will continue to provide you with regular information via your email.  If there is any additional information you would like to be provided, please email us at Engadine | Kellyville | Roxburgh Park  | Sylvania

Peter Moran
Managing Director
Moran Health Care Group



 Please see below a summary of some of the actions already implemented in Moran Homes to mitigate potential risks associated with COVID19. These actions were identified following an extensive risk assessment process and they enhance our already existing emergency planning and response process.  For further information please discuss with your General Manager.

 Mandatory 14-day quarantine required after overseas travel from ALL countries for ALL employees,

  • Visitor (all categories) and employee risk-based screening questions prior to entry
  • Visitors, contractors, suppliers and allied health professionals who have returned from overseas in the last 14 days from ALL countries are not permitted to enter the home.
  • Implemented allied health, contractor and supplier visitor protocols
  • Relocated visitor sign-in registers and access to a single-entry point to control entry
  • Additional signage and information notices for residents, relatives and employees
  • Additional education and handwashing competency assessments for all staff
  • Handwashing demonstrations for residents
  • Additional education for staff on infection control and prevention & COVID19
  • Daily clinical meetings to review the health status of all residents
  • Daily employee briefings on current COVID19 situation, reminding them to be vigilant with infection control measures and their own health and well-being
  • Uniform laundering service available if required
  • Freeze on all future employee annual leave requests, with emergency exceptions
  • Support package for staff who are required to take unplanned leave (quarantine) so they are not financially disadvantaged
  • Employees where-ever possible are allocated to the same resident groups
  • Withdrawn third party agency staff usage unless essential
  • Lifestyle Program reviewed in anticipation of withdrawal of external outings
  • Asking visitors to practice social isolation within the home – limit duration of visit & where you have the visit
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