COVID-19, Keeping Connected

When it is not possible for family and friends to visit residents living in Moran homes, it is important to keep in contact in other ways. Speaking to loved ones reduces loneliness, improves wellbeing and gives peace of mind. Below are a number of suggestions which may help you to keep in touch.

CareApp – To assist with improving communication we have invested in the trial of a lifestyle mobile app called CareApp.   This app enables our teams to take photos and videos of your loved ones and then send them to you via CareApp, you can then respond with a small comment.  If you are not already a member of our CareApp community please email us HERE and we will get you set up.  Learn more about CareApp here.

Large Mailboxes – We have large mail boxes at all homes outside the glass doors for special mail, notes and deliveries.  Use these to drop off items safely without coming inside.

Letters, Cards and Notes
This is not a new technology, old school writing never goes out of date! A note delivered or posted is always welcome. Drawings from grandchildren, photographs, newspaper clippings etc. can all be included. We will be hosting some letter writing groups for residents so that we can help them to send messages to their loved ones too. We will supply the writing paper and postage.

Hearing a loved one’s voice is a highlight for most of us. A landline phone (direct to resident rooms) or mobile phone is the easiest way to connect. If your loved one doesn’t have a phone in their room and would like one, please contact reception who will assist you to facilitate this. If you don’t know your loved one’s phone number, please speak to reception and they will provide it to you. Alternatively, you can call the home and be connected with the RN on duty at any time.

A monthly newsletter is emailed to family members and a printed copy given to residents. The newsletter contains important messages, stories and photographs from our home. It is accompanied by the monthly Lifestyle Calendar. If you have not been receiving the e-newsletter, check your your email junk folder first.  If it is not there please register to receive email communications from us HERE.

Past newsletters and other important documents are available in the Family & Friends area of the website morangroup.com.au. Family members who have not yet received a log in should contact Reception.

Apps and More
A number of apps are reasonably simple to use and can allow face to face chats online if your loved one has a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Our team can help guide residents in setting up these apps on their devices. Options to consider are:

FaceTime – Available to iphone users only (not on android phones) you can have a face-to-face video chat simply by calling your loved one’s phone number (settings must be turned on for this feature).  Our teams are available to assist with connection when required.

WhatsApp – A mobile phone number is required to set this up (no email address required) and it can be used for sending written messages or face-to-face video chats.

Facebook Messenger – An email address is required to set up an account. Once set up it can be used for written messages, photo messages or face to face video chats over the internet

Skype – we have introduced a Skype station to each of our aged care homes. If you wish to connect with your loved one by Skype, please send a request to your Lifestyle team, provide your Skype ID and a suggested date and time for the Skype call. Our team will then confirm the booking and facilitate the call.

Telehealth – If a medical or allied health professional can provide services via Skype – we can facilitate them at their request. If you wish to arrange an online consultation for your loved one, please ask the RN to facilitate it for you

Window or Balcony Hello’s – in situations where a Moran Home has restricted visits it is possible for you to arrange a window or balcony hello!  This is an opportunity for a quick wave and say hi.   If you would like to arrange this please contact your Home direct.

Please contact your team for assistance with any of the above

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