COVID-19, NSW Gazetted Public Health Orders

Moran is required by law to follow NSW Gazetted Public Health Orders; aged care homes are not exempt. There are some exceptions under these orders which Moran has implemented by facilitating visits with loved ones who are nearing end of life or are distressed. NSW Health issue specific requirements about managing COVID and Moran also follows these. In addition we follow guidelines developed by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) which is tasked with the role of mitigating emerging health threats related to infectious diseases, the Department of Health Communicable Disease Network of Australia Guidelines (CDNA) and the Infection Control Expert Group ( ICEG) that advises the APPPC.  We use the information provided to us by these bodies as our source of truth.  We continually monitor for updates and implement new directives as soon as we receive them.

Moran NSW Homes are currently closed to visitors following the directive from NSW Health below:-

11/9/2020 – NSW Health wants to ensure that all appropriate preventative action is taken to avoid transmission into these facilities. Following the recent cases in the Sydney CBD, I am requesting residential aged care facilities in metropolitan Sydney and the Nepean Blue Mountains and Central Coast regions implement visitor restrictions for the next week. In addition, staff who work or live in these areas must wear masks whilst at work. This temporary requirement will be reviewed next week. Re-consideration of the areas of concern will be provided based upon the presence of COVID-19. Further declines in incidence may provide an opportunity to lessen current restrictions.

You can view the full NSW Health directive HERE

If you have any concerns, please talk to the General Manager of your Home.

Mary Gibbs, Moran Engadine – 02 9548 7777 or email engadine@morangroup.com.au

Nelly Banag, Moray Kellyville – 02 9881 4222 or email kellyville@morangroup.com.au

Lorraine Kelly, Moran Sylvania – 02 9532 6222 or email sylvania@morangroup.com.au

When we receive an update on the 11/9/20 directive we will review and will hopefully be able to include our plans for re-opening to visitors for w/c 21st September in a communication to resident representatives.





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