COVID LIFE Photographic Exhibition Opens, Moran Roxburgh Park

Located in the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic in Melbourne VIC, the team at Moran Roxburgh Park, supported by residents and their loved ones worked tirelessly and selflessly to keep the 132-place residential aged care Home in Melbourne’s North West COVID free. Thankfully for the last 8 months they have been successful.

The Moran Roxburgh Park ‘COVID LIFE PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION’ illustrates the true experience of the COVID-19 pandemic as seen through the eyes of the team and residents at the Home.

With families having limited access to their loved ones during the pandemic, the team worked hard to keep everyone connected and to keep communications regular and informative. The COVID LIFE exhibition has been created to share the COVID-19 experience inside the Home with residents, family and friends and team members in a visual and honest way. The photographs have been taken by team members and have been a cathartic way of documenting the wide range of emotions, good and bad times and highlight the power of community, mateship and what a team can achieve in the face of adversity.

Said Darinka Rozanic, General Manager – “I can’t begin to describe the raft of emotions that we all experienced during this time. The responsibility for the care and safety of over 100 residents and 150 work colleagues weighed heavily on the entire team, I can honestly tell you that the enormity of this responsibility was at times overwhelming. As news reports came in of the devastating COVID outbreaks in other aged care homes around us we grieved for the families and friends of residents and the dedicated teams working in these homes and prayed that our little community here at Moran Roxburgh Park would get through another hour, day, week, month COVID free.

Even though the devastating pandemic was happening all around, life continued in the Home and everyone was committed to celebrating, laughing and creating memorable moments as a community even if we were having to do it differently.”

The exhibition shares 45 beautiful, yet poignant moments of joy, connection, love and reflection and is located throughout the beautiful gardens of Moran Roxburgh Park. The exhibition officially opens to residents and the Moran Team on Tuesday 15th Dec and then at a special opening, with champagne and canapes for Family and Friends on Wednesday 16th Dec.

Said Peter Moran, Managing Director – “This exhibition offers a unique insight into our Home during the difficult lockdown period. I thank Darinka and the team on behalf of Moran Health Care Group, our residents and their family and friends for their commitment and tireless effort to keep our Home and our community safe.

For media enquiries contact Anne Samuel, Marketing Manager 0418 136 066 or email anne.samuel@morangroup.com.au

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