We are heartened by the continued relaxation of restrictions in Melbourne and Victoria that are possible due to the current COVID19 transmission situation. This is great news, though we must continue to be vigilant with our personal safety, particularly when entering Moran Roxburgh Park. We have seen in South Australia this past week how quickly situations can change.

As we continue to adjust to living with the global COVID-19 pandemic, Moran Health Care Group has refined some of its operational practices to protect residents and employees from future outbreaks. We continue to monitor and evaluate our response plans as we receive updated advice from Government, and we will update you as they change.

It is clear to us that we will be living with the threat of this virus well into the future and must continue to adapt and reflect on our experiences and learnings from others in order to provide a COVID safe environment for residents and employees.  As we seek to find a balance between the needs and choices of residents and their families, the constantly changing guidelines mandated to us by Government and the operational protocols/requirements of each individual Moran Home. We have developed a COVID-19 Pandemic – Precautions During Visiting & External Outings communication, to support our residents, their families, representatives and friends to understand how they can safely visit our homes and enjoy external excursions and social outings.

Visiting Hours

All visits must be pre-booked in advance. Our booking system allows for visits during the following times:  Monday – Friday 10am – 12noon & 1pm – 5pm inc.  Saturday & Sundays: 1pm – 3pm inc. Alternative arrangements are possible for residents nearing end of life or under duress; please discuss with the General Manager.  

How to Book A Visit to Moran Roxburgh Park

Step 1. Book a visit in advance online by logging into the Friends & Family area of the website https://morangroup.com.au/login/ (please use your usual website login and if you don’t have one, email us to request one – email info@morangroup.com.au)

Step 2. When you arrive for your visit scan the QR Code at reception, answer the screening questions and have your temperature taken

Step 3. Make sure you have watched our Safe Visit Video.  Keep on top of our communications and read available information in the home. Learn about COVID-19 and how to help everyone to stay safe

Step 4. Be COVID safe during your visit – hand wash, social distance, always wear a facemask and personal protective equipment if directed.  Visit only in the designated are as directed by our staff

If you have any questions speak to Darinka, General Manager on 03 9303 6333

VIC Visitor Requirements

  • Maximum of one visit per day for one household (Max 2 visitors due to space limitations)
  • Children under 16 must be with an adult and they count for one of the two visitors
  • We strongly recommend all visitors have a current 2020 flu vaccination and bring evidence with you
  • Bring your own fitted face mask and wear it whilst in the facility (children over 12 should wear a mask, infants under two should never wear a mask)
  • Wear other PPE (personal protective equipment) as directed by staff
  • Screening and temperature check are compulsory prior to entry
  • Maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres or 6 feet at all times

Our team is committed to facilitating visits with your loved ones, we ask that you are patient with them and respect they are implementing strict controls to protect everyone involved.   We do understand that some of the limitations placed around visiting our Home during the global COVID-19 pandemic may be frustrating and we ask you to refrain from expressing your frustration to our team. If you have concerns or complaints, please address them to the General Manager.

External Excursions and Social Outings

To support residents to attend outings with family and friends and to attend medical appointment safely residents and residents and their representative are required to comply with state health orders and to take precautions to keep everyone safe from virus’ like COVID-19.

The best way to stay safe is to follow precautions:

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap & water or use hand-gel regularly
  • Maintain social distancing of 1.5m or 6 feet always
  • Practice cough &sneeze etiquette – use your elbow or tissue & discard immediately
  • Wear a cloth mask
  • Stay home if unwell and stay away from anyone you suspect may be unwell

How to Arrange a Social Outing

Step 1. Complete the Social Outing COVID Risk Plan- download here or collect from Reception

Step 2.  Review and discuss the questionnaire and plan with the General Manager in advance

Step 3.  The person responsible for taking the resident to the excursion/outing or appointment must screen everyone who attends the outing using the screening questions included in the COVID-19 Risk Plan

Step 4. Complete the Resident Outing Register at reception and include details of the location you are taking the resident, the departure and return time

External medical appointments

It is important not to miss out on essential medical appointments even when Government Public Health Orders place restrictions on movement. Please follow the guide below when organising and attending medical appointments:

  • Appointment should be assessed as necessary
  • Discuss the appointment with the Care Manager or General Manager in advance
  • It is recommended that the family escort has had the 2020 flu vaccination
  • The resident will have their temperature taken prior to departure and again on return
  • Complete the Resident Outing Register at reception and include details of the location you are taking the resident, the departure and return time
  • Only attend the appointment, it is not advisable to attend other venues
  • Maintain social distancing of 1.5m or 6 feet – avoid waiting rooms, phone ahead to confirm appointment time and arrive just in time, perhaps park nearby if possible and wait in car
  • Avoid anyone with any symptoms of coughing or sneezing
  • Use hand-gel to wash hands on arrival at the appointment and departure
  • Avoid touching any surfaces whilst at the appointment
  • Community Transport and Ambulance Service follow their State Health Guidelines and practice the necessary infection prevention precautions during transport.

Residents returning from any external outing or medical appointment

  • Temperature is taken on return and daily
  • If temperature is elevated, the resident is placed into isolation and infection control precautions are implemented immediately, COVID-19 swab and test arranged
  • COVID symptom check and temperature screening is completed daily

Residents returning from hospital

  • Prior to return to the Moran Home, the Care team will discuss the resident’s stay with the hospital to identify the level of potential risk of exposure to infection and will implement relevant management on return
  • Temperature taken on return and daily
  • COVID-19 symptom check screening daily


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