Happy 100th Birthday Patricia Hunter

When Patricia Hunter’s family describe her, they talk about her generous love for family life and self-giving to her family.  At her 100th Birthday celebration last weekend she was exactly where she wanted to be, surrounded by her nearest and dearest at Moran Sylvania.

In a loving tribute to Patricia’s 100 years, her son Dennis gave a heartfelt speech saying “if I had to give a title to Mum’s life it would be – The Extra-Ordinary Life of Love, Hidden in the Ordinary, Everydayness of Family Life.  Mum is such a giving person, always generous with her love, sometimes at the cost of her own needs and person.”

Patricia has called Moran Sylvania her home for over 8 years and considers her fellow residents and the Moran team part of her wider family.  She extended her gratitude to the team, thanking them “for the wonderful contribution you made to my 100th Birthday party, especially the beautiful table arrangements, food and your quiet presence and service on the day”.

Patricia celebrating with team members Sanju, Manisha & Nabina


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