High COVID-19 Vaccination Rates for Moran Residents & Employees

NSW & VIC Health have mandated that under Public Health Orders that Aged Care facilities are in lockdown.  At Moran Health Care Group, we have been extremely lucky to have families and residents who have respected and supported the lockdown and the decisions we have made to keep everyone in our Homes safe.

Lorraine Kelly, General Manager, Moran Sylvania said, “Not being able to welcome families into our Home for such a long period has been hard for everyone. During this time, it is reassuring to know that most of our resident family members are being pro-active and are getting themselves vaccinated so that they will be able to safely visit as soon as Health orders allow.”

As an organisation, we have worked tirelessly to support residents and our employees to get their COVID vaccinations. Currently our COVID vaccination rates across the Moran portfolio are 97% of residents and employees vaccinated. We have spent a great deal of time and resources on vaccination education, booking and organising vaccination appointments for residents and employees and appealing to everyone living, working, and connecting with our resident communities to have the vaccination for the greater good.

The Federal Health Department has mandated that all Aged Care Employees must have had their first dose of COVID vaccine by 17th September 2021, however at this stage only one state (VIC) has actually mandated that aged care employees have to be vaccinated.

The leadership teams at Moran have become very adept at being contract tracers within the Moran community.  We know where our employees live, what their partners, family members and house mates do for a living, how they travel to and from work, where their kids go to school.  This is a very important part of managing a workforce in lockdown.   Employees who were working at a second aged care home have made an election to only work at one home during lockdown. Other employees who have second jobs in other industries have either put them on hold during this period or have taken leave from Moran to work at their other job. We are very proud that our employees are committed to playing their part to keep everyone safe.

“Thankfully we do not have COVID-19 cases in any of our homes.  Everyone has worked tirelessly over the past 20 months to keep it that way, and we cannot praise the dedication of our employees enough who have gone to extraordinary lengths.’’ Said Peter Moran, Managing Director.  We learned a great deal from the experience of our Home in Roxburgh Park in Melbourne’s North West who in 2020 was in the heart of the Melbourne COVID-19 outbreak.  Through hard work and diligence this Home was one of the only homes within a 10km radius of the epi centre which remained outbreak free.

In March 2020, Moran Engadine also had a resident with a positive COVID-19 result. Our team successfully guided residents, their families, and our employees safely through that difficult time with no further transmission and the resident involved is happy and well.

Marilyn Chapple, General Manager, Moran Engadine said “Living in an aged care home where the residents and employees are fully vaccinated, in my experience has to be one of the safest places for a vulnerable person to be in these times.   Not only are they going to be safe and well cared for, but they will also benefit from social interactions that they wouldn’t be getting at home.”

One of biggest challenges for Aged Care providers in managing risk in homes is the time lag between testing and receiving test results.  With so many hotspot areas, high testing numbers and locations in the community the delay is causing stress across the aged care industry.  Supporting each other and being vigilant with infection prevention is paramount.

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