How to Use CareApp

Information for Moran Residents’ Families

We are trialling CareApp, a new tool that allows the Moran team to send you visual updates and share special moments in your loved one’s day to day life.  You can access it via your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

CareApp is private. Only you can see the messages we send. In connecting via CareApp you are providing us with permission to take and send photos of your loved one and are consenting to photographs of your loved one to be displayed within the aged care home on electronic noticeboards or similar and in newsletters.

If you would like to proceed, please read the following steps:

Check your email account
You will receive an email from support@careapp.com.au, inviting you to set up your account.  Check your junk mail if you don’t receive it in a few days.

Confirm email address
Click on the Accept Invitation button in your email. Your browser will open a new window directing you to the CareApp account creation page.

Set up your account
Fill in the information on the account creation page and click Save.  We encourage you to generate a strong password that you don’t use elsewhere.

Download CareApp
Follow the instructions in your welcome email to download CareApp to your mobile/tablet or search the app stores for ‘CareApp’ (all one word).  CareApp is free to download however, data charges may apply during download and use of the app.  You can also use it in your laptop/desktop browser.

to CareApp
Open the app on your device, and sign in using the username and password you created.  If you forget your password, tap on ‘forgot password’ to follow the reset process or contact the support team by email support@careapp.com.au.

Getting around CareApp
Tapping on the menu icon in the top left corner will give you immediate access to all the major features of CareApp.

  • Leave feedback: Contact CareApp directly to leave feedback about the app.
  • Settings: Manage your profile settings and preferences. Here you can adjust what notifications you would like to receive.
  • Help: Access the CareApp help system.
  • Administration: This option is available for Administrators & Coordinators and will enable users with this role to access the Web Dashboard from their devices.
  • Sign Out: Signs you out of CareApp.

Your messages
From the Feed screen, you will see messages that have been posted for you to see.  Tap on a message to open it.  You’ll then be taken to a message detail screen where you can

  • Like a message by tapping on the heart icon.
  • Add a comment by tapping on the Talk Tab, then enter your comment in the “Write your comment here” field.

More information is available on the CareApp website

For further assistance please email deanne.michael@morangroup.com.au


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