COVID-19, How to Visit A Moran Home

Visitors are asked to place the wellbeing of their loved one at the centre of their decision making when considering if they should visit.

As part of the easing of visitor restrictions, ESSENTIAL visits to Moran Aged Care homes will be made under the guidelines detailed below

  • A booking request system for essential visits will operate, request are to be made by email only to your individual home.  No booking = No visit
  • Only one visit at a time will be booked to make sure all residents have equal opportunity for a visit. Please do not arrive at the home without a booking as you will not be allowed to enter
  • Visitor bookings are available Mon to Fri between 0930 & 1630 only
  • A visit time and date will be confirmed in advance for no more than two people at any one time. Each visit will be limited to 30 minutes
  • The Enduring Guardian will nominate who is permitted to visit
  • The screening questionnaire must be completed by all visitors and reviewed by a manager on arrival, please bring your own pen to complete the document.
  • You will be asked to complete the “Contact Tracing Register” with some personal information that will be provided to the Public Health Unit in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.
  • A staff member will take your temperature on arrival.
  • All visitors are required to provide evidence of the Flu Vaccination, if you cannot provide evidence you will not be permitted a visit
  • You will be required to wash your hands on arrival and departure – please watch the handwashing video here for correct practice
  • We ask that you do not bring handbags or other items that may be carrying infection into the home, please leave these items in your car
  • A designated room for the visit will be available for the visit as we are unable to have visitors moving through common areas of the home where other residents maybe present
  • We ask that you follow the social distancing rules – that is to keep 1.5 metres distance between everyone, the floor areas will be marked with coloured tape to identify this space – unfortunately that also means no hugging and kissing
  • Visitors are not required to wear a mask, must ensure that they adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Children aged 16 years or under will not be permitted entry

If you have any questions please contact your home direct or email info@morangroup.com.au

The Department of Health has produced a fact sheet which contains further important information.  You can read it here.

Do you have concerns about visiting someone in aged care during COVID-19? – read more HERE

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