Inspirational Women at Moran Roxburgh Park

In the spirit of celebrating International Women’s Day this month we thought we would put the spotlight on three inspirational ladies from our residential care community at Moran Roxburgh Park.

Loving Grandmother, Haben Warda, 85 is originally from Iraq, she has 6 children and 21 grandchildren.   In Iraq she worked as a cleaner at the Caldian Catholic Church.  She told us that in those days’ women were only allowed to work if they were married.  In 2004 her family fled Iraq, they drove for three hours to Syria where they caught a plane to Australia.  After living with her brother for a short time she went to live with one of her sons who had a home in Roxburgh Park. Haben explained to us that two of her sons were in the army which was terrible during wartime.   She recalls that there was never enough food, they lived through bombings and listened to people screaming all hours of the day.

Haben says she does not miss Iraq at all – “Even for $1,000,000 I would not leave Australia.   Said Bassam, Haben’s son “Mum is a lovely lady, she enjoys living at Moran Roxburgh Park and is really grateful to be living there.  Mum is very sociable so, living in a residential community is great for her.   Although she speaks limited English Mum makes friends easily and has Arabic speaking friends here too”,


German born Mary Doblinger 88, was born in Bavaria in 1930 she was the third child of eight siblings.   As a child she recalls seeing Adolf Hitler when he came to Bavaria, she also still has a scar on her leg which was from shrapnel from an exploding bomb during the WWII.  Mary married the love of her life Fred Doblinger in 1969 in Heidelberg, Germany, they had one son.

Her favourite home was in Preston, VIC. Mary worked for 45 years as a sewing machinist until she retired at the age of 60.    When we asked Mary to share her best piece of advice she said, “Do Not Smoke!”  Mary’s son, Anthony describes his mum as “a happy lady who’s always smiling, her favourite thing is the music and entertainment, she’s a regular visitor to the hub”.





Christy Malong, Registered Nurse is a former Chemical Engineer.  She was born 200 kms north of Manila in the Philippines.  She left home at 16 and moved to the city to complete a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering.  Her first job was as a Chemist in a textile company in Manila, where she worked for 11 years.   In 2002 Christy and her husband came to Australia, where Christy worked as a Laboratory Assistant for a textile company in Brunswick.   She later decided that she needed a career change and followed her lifelong dream of completing her Bachelor of Nursing.

Christy has been at Moran Roxburgh Park for over 6 years, her team mates describe her as a ‘happy go lucky lady who’s always dancing and making our residents laugh.”



Moran Roxburgh Park, General Manager, Darinka Rozanic said “I am honored to share the stories of these three remarkable women as part of our International Women’s Day celebrations.  Our residential home is a true reflection of the community we live in; diverse and vibrant.   We all have incredible stories to share and although some of our history can be quite painful, it is our ability to strive on, is the true test of our character.   These wonderful women share a kindness and ability to find good which we celebrate each and every day. Residential care homes really are a community within a community and for us at Moran Roxburgh Park a family within a family.”

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