COVID-19, Moran Roxbugh Park – Status Update

Moran Roxburgh Park is home to 100 residents and 120 employees and is located in the heart of the Victorian COVID-19 hotspot postcodes. While Moran Roxburgh Park remains COVID-19 free, we believe the next few weeks may be the most critical.  The number of cases recorded each day in Victoria is still high but does not appear to be increasing exponentially, which is a good thing. The number of cases where people don’t know how they contracted the virus remain worryingly high.

The Federal Government has provided us with 1000’s of surgical masks and face shields which our team are wearing. We continue to review all recommendations coming from the Federal Government and Department of Health in Victoria and have made some further changes in the Home to ensure the safety of our employees and residents which include

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission attended the home on Friday 7/8/2020 for an unannounced audit. The purpose of the review was to see our infection control practices.  They were pleased with what they saw, and the outcome was that they only made two recommendations for us to adopt.

They were also very pleased to see ALL employees wearing appropriate PPE, cohorting of employees to units and further restriction of hospitality team members throughout the units

In the past eight weeks we have been audited by

  • Worksafe
  • Doherty Institute on behalf of the Victorian Government
  • Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (twice)
  • Hume City Council
  • Department of Health and Human Services (Victorian Health)
  • COVID Response Team set up recently by the Federal Government

No negative feedback received other than the two suggestions received on Friday which we have already implemented. This is a wonderful reflection on how the team have responded to the COVID challenges so far.

You may be aware of recent news reports from the Aged Care Royal Commission that some aged care providers do not have emergency plans for handling the COVID-19 crisis in their Homes –  Moran Health Care Group is NOT one of those providers.

We have had our emergency plans in place since February 2020. Our emergency plans evolve on almost a weekly basis to keep abreast of the advice and updates we receive from The Public Health Units and VIC Health, learnings and experiences shared across our portfolio of homes in NSW and VIC and what we can learn from COVID-19 experiences in aged care in Australia and across the globe.

We know that limited access has been difficult for many of our residents, their families and friends and we are extremely grateful for the support and encouragement that has been shown to us by them all. It is such a difficult line to walk in terms of managing the general wellbeing of residents and their representatives versus the overall safety and security of the home for both residents and the team.

We urge the wider community, our residents, their families and our employees to follow Stage 4 Lock Down guidelines, to maintain good hygiene and to be vigilant about where they are going and who they mix with – now is not the time for any of us to relax

Keep Well and Stay Safe Everyone!

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