Random Act of Kindness


Towel SwanWe’ve got some pretty special staff members and today we thought we would take the opportunity share this beautiful story from Moran Sylvania.

Staff members Ranju and Sophia decided to do something special for a new resident who was soon to arrive at the home.   This was a really simple act of kindness which made an enormous difference to the new resident and her family.  Ranju and Sophia worked together to produce a very professional looking swan made out of a towel.   The elegant swan created smiles, laughter and a talking point in what was, understandably, an anxious and stressful day for the family.

“We don’t think they realised just how much this act would mean to the family and how welcome it made them feel. This is a really great example of teamwork, collaboration and thinking outside of a ‘normal work task’ to make a difference in the lives of our residents.” said General Manager, Wolfgang Gotz.  Ranju and Sophia told us that they had  consulted YouTube videos to learn how to create animals and birds out of towels.

Both girls will be officially thanked by the General Manager for going above and beyond and recognising that sometimes it is the small things that make the biggest difference.


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