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We had a wonderful day on Monday 3rd December when the team and residents at Moran Kellyville hosted a group of very special ladies from the the Red Hat Society.   One of our newest residents Joy O’Brien is a long time member of the Red Hat Society and we were extremely proud and excited to help her to share her new home with her fellow society members.   The Red Hat Society ladies came for a meeting and stayed for lunch with Joy…who they fondly describe as their Queen!


Said Moran Kellyville, General Manager, Sheldon Sullivan – “When you move into residential Aged Care it doesn’t mean you have to give up doing what you love. It is very important to us that Joy is able to continue with her interests, remain connected with her community and that her friends are made to feel welcome.   It was also a wonderful opportunity for us to share the Moran Kellyville experience with new people.   Not only did the Red Ladies have their meeting and a wonderful lunch, we were also able to show them around our beautiful home and they got to enjoy our dining and lifestyle experience first hand “.

Helen Scott, Red Hat Society member said –  “Can I say how lovely that lunch was? We were very impressed with the very tasty ‘orange chicken’ and the ‘trifle’, even an unexpected glass of wine.  We had a look around the complex after lunch and commented on how calming and peaceful it was. We noted a lovely through breeze in Joys private room which was very pleasant. The ladies loved all the outdoor spaces and the artwork/history exhibition downstairs.

To be a member of the Red Hat Society you have to be a young at heart middle aged woman, looking to reunite with her youth by playing dress ups and having tea parties.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Red Hat Society read more here.

If you would like to take a tour of Moran Kellyville or talk to us about hosting your community group for a morning tea or special event please contact us on 02 9881 4222.


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