by Peter van Vliet, Physiotherapist, Moran Sylvania

Exercise is beneficial to all age groups but for seniors especially, exercise has been shown to improve physical function which results in more independence and increased quality of life.
Exercising regularly helps to decrease falls and improve mobility it also keeps the mind sharp and happy. It does this through the release of growth factors in the brain which promote neuron growth and interconnection.

We all know that a good night’s sleep is both relaxing and helps us wake refreshed. Exercise has been shown to decrease the time it takes to get to sleep and decrease the frequency of waking during the night.

The Australian Government exercise recommendations for those 65 years and over is for at least 30 mins of exercise per day on most, if not all days of the week. The Moran physiotherapy teams provide a programme which not only meets, but exceeds these guidelines. In all of our homes a 30 minute exercise class is run a minimum five days a week. This exercise class is devised by a physiotherapist and is run by a physiotherapist or a qualified lifestyle team member. The exercise class is targeted to the specific needs of the participant and exercises cover the areas of strength, balance, coordination, cognition, continence, pressure area avoidance and falls prevention. The class environment facilitates social interaction and improves psychological wellbeing. In most of our homes we have a gym.

At Moran Sylvania, the physiotherapy team run supervised gym sessions for all our residents from 2pm to 3.30pm weekdays. These sessions are individually tailored to our residents. Our state of the art gym is geared to meeting specific resident requirements and includes free weights, parallel bars, practice stairs, recumbent exercise bike and treadmill.

In addition to providing daily exercise and gym classes, the physiotherapy department runs a wellness clinic daily to keep our resident’s as free from pain as possible. Managing resident’s pain allows them to enjoy more activities throughout the day.

After gym class, the physiotherapy department takes walking groups and dance classes. Our dance classes have proven very popular with residents, allowing them to perform choreographed routines to music while enjoying the benefits of exercise.

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