COVID-19, Visitor Restrictions NSW Homes Update

Following consultation with the Public Health Unit and review of NSW Health Bulletin this morning we will re-open our Moran Engadine and Sylvania homes to visitors with immediate effect.  However, with the COVID-19 situation changing rapidly and the heightened risk of community transmission the following visitor restrictions are in place in our NSW Homes:

  • As a precaution we request that visitors bring their own face mask and wear it for the duration of their visit
  • Social distancing of 1.5m is mandatory
  • No kissing, hugging or shaking hands during your visit
  • Hand hygiene on arrival is required
  • A VISITOR SCREENING DECLARATION and flu vaccination evidence is required
  • Any visitor who has visited or lives in one of the NSW Health nominated hot spots is will not be permitted to entry
  • We will accept a maximum of two visitors per day, per resident and ask that families communicate and organise this amongst themselves prior to visiting
  • Moran Engadine and Moran Kellyville operate a visitor booking system, please pre-book your visit by email Engadine@morangroup.com.au and Kellyville@morangroup.com.au. Bookings are to ensure that social distancing is practiced during visitor screening.

It is paramount that anyone who has been asked to isolate at home by the Public Health Unit or NSW Health follows the advice provided. i.e. if the Public Health Unit directs you to have a COVID-19 test and the result is negative you are still required to isolate for 14 days.

If you voluntarily decide to have a COVID-19 test and it is negative, you are not required to isolate for 14 days, BUT you must not visit a Moran Home if you feel unwell or have any COVID-19 symptoms.

If you attend community sporting events, we urge you to check and follow the guidelines provided to you by your sporting association.  If you are unsure you can check the Sport NSW guidelines HERE

Once again, we thank everyone for their messages of support and patience during this time. If you have any concerns, please contact your Home direct.

Moran Engadine – 02 9548 7777  engadine@morangroup.com.au

Moran Sylvania – 02 9532 6222    sylvania@morangroup.com.au

Moran Kellyville – 02 9881 4222   kellyville@morangroup.com.au


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6 thoughts on “COVID-19, Visitor Restrictions NSW Homes Update

  1. Brian Chapman

    So why is Sylvania not required to have an email booking system? Engadine and Sylvania are both in the same local govt area, which has no cases of COVID to my knowledge. The last time this was in place I sent 2 emails with no reply, eventually having to ring.
    I visit my mother in her room and I can’t see any reason for this requirement, especially when you don’t get an answer.

    1. moran_user

      Hello Brian – We are sorry that you find this frustrating. To explain, the reason that we have an email booking system at Engadine and Kellyville is to manage social distancing requirements in the reception area when visitors arrive. Sylvania has a very large reception area which means social distancing is not an issue. The reception area at Engadine is much smaller and does not cater for multiple visitors, particularly when they have to spend a little longer signing in and completing temperature checks and visitor screening declarations. The booking system helps us space out arrival times.

  2. Moyna Ward

    Congratulations on a wise and compassionate decision to once again allow visits, while still safe guarding the well-being of all residents, by requesting visitors wear face masks.
    The residents are fortunate to be in the hands of competent, caring staff members!

  3. Jan Cornish

    Thank you for your updates. Our friends and families are very lucky to be in such caring environments. You have been constantly doing everything to minimise the risk to our loved ones.

  4. Marny Colys

    I thank the staff for the loving care they give to residents during these very hard times and whilst I do not agree with all restrictions I totally understand the necessity and agree with most

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