COVID-19, Visitor Restrictions Moran Kellyville, 24th July 2020

Following this morning’s NSW Health update regarding the increased risk of COVID-19 community transmission in the Kellyville area linked to Kellyville Village Shopping Centre and Costco Marsden Park, we have decided to restrict visitors to Moran Kellyville with immediate effect.  Moran Kellyville will be closed to all visitors except emergency services, GPs and employees for the next 72 hours whilst we await further advice from the Public Health Unit.  Special arrangements for visits can be made with the General Manager for those nearing end of life.

We understand this will be frustrating for many of you and we ask for your continued support and understanding during this time.  Restricted visits are in place to minimise risk of COVID-19 community transmission to your loved ones and our employees.

We will continue to monitor NSW Health bulletin’s and updates from the Public Health Unit and will provide you with a further update on Monday morning.

If you have any concerns, please contact your Home direct.

Moran Kellyville 02 9881 4222  kellyville@morangroup.com.au

2 thoughts on “COVID-19, Visitor Restrictions Moran Kellyville, 24th July 2020

  1. Margaret Smith

    Thankyou for the email I was thinking this might happen & I completly agree with your decision, it is the only way to keep our loved ones safe.
    I will wait further updates
    Margaret Smith

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