COVID-19, Visitor Restrictions – Moran Engadine & Moran Sylvania

Laguna Street Public School in Caringbah South has recently announced that the school is closed after a staff member tested positive to COVID-19.

As a precautionary measure we have commenced restricted visitation for Moran Engadine & Moran Sylvania whilst we wait for Public Health Unit to complete further contact tracing work related to the COVID-19 incident at Laguna Public School closure.  Once we have further advice from the Public Health Unit we will review visitation arrangements and inform families and employees.

This means that visitors to Moran Engadine and Moran Sylvania are now limited to employees, GPs, Emergency Personnel and the loved ones of those nearing end of life until further notice.  If you need to visit for any of these reasons, please contact the General Manager in advance to plan for a visit.

If you have visited either of these homes, please consider all your points of contact in the last two weeks and whether you have had any direct or indirect association with anyone from Laguna Street Public School.

If you have visited in the last 14 days and you become unwell and test positive for COVID-19 you must inform the home immediately. If you have any uncertainty or the mildest of symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, vomiting, diarrhoea) please consider getting tested for COVID-19. 

We will continue to monitor developments closely over the next few days and will keep our residents and their representatives updated.

If you have any concerns you can speak to –

General Manager, Moran Sylvania – Lorraine Kelly on 02 9532 6222 | sylvania@morangroup.com.au

Mary Gibbs – Moran Engadine – 02 9548 7777 | engadine@morangroup.com.au


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