COVID-19, Visitor Restrictions for Moran Homes in the Sutherland Shire

Following an announcement today from NSW Rugby League and recent news reports concerning cases of COVID-19 linked to games played at Gymea Gorillas JRLFC and De La Salle JRLFC on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July and a COVID-19 case linked to Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre Moran Engadine and Moran Sylvania will be restricting visits with immediate effect.

Due to concerns for community transmission Moran Engadine and Moran Sylvania will be closed to visitors except emergency services, GPs and employees for the next 48 hours whilst we await further advice from the Public Health Unit.  Special arrangements for visits can be made with the General Manager for those nearing end of life.

We thank you our residents, their families and our employees for their continued support and understanding.

If you have any concerns, please contact your Home direct.

Moran Engadine 02 9548 7777  engadine@morangroup.com.au

Moran Sylvania 02 9532 6222    sylvania@morangroup.com.au

You can find out more information about COVID-19 case locations in NSW HERE

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8 thoughts on “COVID-19, Visitor Restrictions for Moran Homes in the Sutherland Shire

  1. Jan Cornish

    Thank you for your care and support of our families and friends. Your management of this situation should stand as an example to all Elderly Care facilities.
    My special thanks to the entire staff at Moran Sylvania; this includes nursing staff, administration, maintenance, catering, and supplementary carers.
    The families have been kept up to date, the patients have been informed and very well taken care of.
    It is not easy being unable to visit loved ones in this infectious environment, but your handling of the outbreak has left me feeling satisfied that you are doing the right thing for everyone involved.
    Stay safe and thank you for all your care and hard work.

    1. moran_user

      Thank you for your messages of support, making the decision to restrict visitors is not one we take lightly at all and knowing that we have your support and that our efforts are appreciated makes all the difference.

  2. Sandy Johnsen

    I agree with Jan Cornish, our relatives are safe in your hands. I have the utmost respect for the Management & Staff of Moran Sylvania. They always kind & respectful. I have never worked in Aged Care but I do realise what an extremely hard job it is, especially keeping residents, relatives & staff happy during these difficult times. It’s not over yet & we just have to get used to all the restrictions. It’s sure better than acquiring the Covid19 virus or indeed unknowingly spreading it!
    With thanks
    Sandy Johnsen

  3. lloyd handley

    Whilst it is difficult it is essential to protect our families. Thank you for the care you are all exercising on our behalf. It is very much appreciated LLOYD

  4. Leonie Care

    I really appreciate the work done by the management and staff in looking after our older residents. I don’t know what we would do without their help and support during these awful times. Thank you.

  5. Kim Alexander Batterham

    It is really difficult to not be able to see loved ones – particularly for they themselves – who often feel overwhelmed, confused, frightened, lonely and sad. However we understand it’s also critical that our loved ones and protected and kept safe. Moran are doing what they have to do. Thanks to Moran Sylvania management and staff who are always on the front foot.
    Let’s hope this mess ends soon and our loved ones can get through what appears to be round 2 in NSW.

  6. Joanne Howard

    A big thankyou to all Moran Sylvania management and staff. At such a difficult time for everyone, the safe environment and care they provide to the elderly, is reassuring and is very much appreciated. The regular updates are also very informative and helpful.

  7. Sandy Johnsen

    The situation in Victorian Aged Care is a disaster. If we are not vigilant the same can happen in NSW. There is very little social distancing happening in the Sutherland Shire at the moment & not many people wearing masks. In fact when I went to my local IGA one woman told me I was overreacting because I was wearing a mask. I am grateful that Moran management is being so vigilant. The residents are well cared for, well fed & kept busy & entertained. All I can say is Thankyou!

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