Voting and Nick Gleeson


It’s all happening at Moran Sylvania today!

Moran residents are voting at the pop up AEC Voting booth in Sylvania Club this morning from 9am – 12noon and then we have blind explorer, adventurer, motivational speaker Nick Gleeson joining us at 11am to share his adventure stories and his inspirational story.

Nick lost his sight at seven when an automatic supermarket door struck his head, causing a retinal detachment. However, being blind has never held him back. He has raised two children with wife, Heather, who is also blind; climbed Mount Kilimanjaro; reached Everest Base Camp and completed the New York Marathon three times as well as the grueling Comrades Marathon in Africa.

Nick Gleeson is now an accessibility advocate and motivational speaker who describes himself as “an ordinary person who has followed his dreams and he hopes his achievements will inspire Australians of all abilities to do the same.”

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