Moran Kellyville is well located in the heart of the Hills Shire local government area and will provide much needed aged care opportunities for the residents of North West areas of Sydney.

Our Kellyville Residential Aged Care home is located in an urban setting and is in close proximity to recreational and social venues. With excellent transport links and ample off street parking for both visitors and staff, Moran Kellyville will be easily accessed by all.

Accommodation will be available for 120 residents across 2 levels with spacious, ensuite rooms.  Couples will be accommodated in adjoining rooms or in couple’s suites. Dedicated resident spaces will be beautifully appointed with a blend of modern and antique furnishings and art. Residents have access to outdoor balconies, terraces and secure gardens with many of our outdoor spaces enjoying stunning district views.


Our professional, highly trained team provides round the clock care, 365 days a year.  Our Care Manager works in collaboration with the Clinical Care Co-ordinator, Nursing Care team, local GPs and other healthcare professionals to ensure that we provide quality care and medical support for all residents.

Our care model combined with our lifestyle and wellness programs helps residents to do the things they enjoy; to feel included and to retain as much freedom of choice, independence and control as possible.

We offer care to suit individual needs from low to high care, mainstream, dementia, respite and palliative care.

  • 24/& Nurse Call System
  • Continence Aids & Dressings*
  • Mobility Aid – Non Specialist
  • Registered Nurse 24/7
  • Mainstream
  • Secure Dementia Care
  • Respite Care
  • Palliative Care

*Charges apply for specialist aids and dressings

Fees and Payments

Care Fees

Basic daily care fee

$50.16 per day

Means Tested Care Fee

Determined by the Department of Human Services

Extra Service Fee

Accommodation Fees


Your choice of 4 fee payment options


Other Services

Additional services for Moran Aged Care Kellyville

Payment Options

You have four options for paying your Accommodation Deposit.

Option 1.    Daily accommodation payment (DAP)

Option 2.    Refundable accommodation deposit (RAD)

Option 3.    Combination payment

Option 4.    Drawdown payment 

Use our payment calculator to help you with your budgeting.  You can use this if you know how much (RAD) deposit you can afford or if you know how much you can afford to pay in a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP).

Use the calculator as a budgeting guide only.  We recommend that you seek financial advice from an experienced advisor who specialises in Aged Care. We are always happy to discuss funding aged care with you and them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Insert the value of Accommodation Deposit (the cost of the room). See the 'Rooms' section above to find the price range of the room that you are considering.
Use the slider bar to insert the Refundable Deposit amount you have available, The calculator will work out any Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) required. If you have the full lump sum of your Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) available you do not need to pay a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP). You are only required to pay the basic daily care fee, daily means tested care fee and extra service fee (if applicable at the Moran home of your choice).
Use the slider bar to insert the Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP). Note: If you pay your full accommodation cost as a daily fee and have assets to put up as security with no lump sum payment, you can use this method to pay for your accommodation. Note: a DAP attracts an interest fee at the maximum permissible interest rate MPIR. A DAP is a daily payment paid on top of the basic daily care fee, means tested care fees and extra service fee (if applicable at the Moran home of your choice).


Address: Moran Kellyville, 35 Goodison St, NSW 2155
Hours: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm