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My mum Gwen is a very happy resident at Moran Engadine, she loves that she has a choice of social activities to participate in. She especially enjoys interacting with the children during the Nan & Pop’s program - this is a great initiative!

Linda Walker

Discover My World, Early Learning Centres are proud to host Moran residents through the Nan and Pops Club, Intergenerational Program. It is wonderful to see the two generations making connections with each other and learning and socialising through fun activities. Making and eating lamingtons appears to be a firm favourite for all. We look forward to developing this program with you.

Isabel & Robert Rafidi

Our mother Joanna became the very first resident at Moran Engadine in 2014, leaving her home - our family home of 60 years. Making the decision to move Mum to residential aged care was difficult and we found ourselves having to make an important decision at a very stressful and emotional time. Moran were marvellous and assisted us in every possible way. We were impressed by the care, support and compassion that was shown to us and Mum during the administration process and that continues to this day. We are very happy with the care, rooms, the meals and the leisure activities that Mum enjoys and would recommend Moran Aged Care to anyone looking for an Aged Care home. We were very fortunate to have found a caring and kind environment for mum and as a family know that we can be certain that her best interests are being catered for which is a huge comfort to us all.

Rienette Cowie

Thank you for all your assistance over the past week and thank you to all the staff involved, the process of respite admission has been very professional and smooth.

M McCaughtrie

Making the decision to move a family member into Aged Care can often be distressing, emotional and complex. In my role as Resident Liaison Officer I step families through the aged care journey, I offer them support, show them kindness and reassurance and I strive to find them the best solution possible. It is incredibly rewarding when I see a happy resident who has settled in well and a family who are confident with the lifestyle and care that their family are enjoying.

Deanne Michael

I have worked in the aged care industry for many years in many different roles. Each day presents a new set of challenges and experiences as Resident Liaison Officer, I meet families and residents with questions and queries about our home. I enjoy helping them become accustomed to our business and explaining how we can make their lives easier. I am proud to work for Moran Health Care Group.

Asmin Nisha

It gives me great pleasure to commend Moran Engadine Aged Care to you and provide this short testimonial. I watched with interest as the building over the former car park took shape. It was shaping up to be a building which would potentially define the region and become the epicentre of Engadine community life. It was even more pleasing to become part of this wonderful initiative. When Engadine Presbyterian Church approached Moran with a proposal to conduct a weekly chapel service for residents with pastoral visiting, I was delighted in the way in which the Moran team and the residents have welcomed us into their home and their hearts. The facility provides a very pleasant purpose built environment for residents and staff and more importantly that Moran has developed a clean, bright, modern facility without creating a morbid, clinical institution. This has resulted in a literal home away from home for Moran residents and a place where our esteemed elders can find meaning and purpose, express love for one another and enjoy a sense of hope and creativity. My experience in ministering to Moran residents has been truly uplifting and I consider it a privilege to serve this wonderful, warm community.

Neil Warnock
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