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For someone living with dementia or cognitive impairment, life can prove challenging. From changes in behaviour to memory impairment and loss of independence, many tasks that were once routine can become confusing and difficult to manage.

For many caregivers and families, questions may arise about how best to care for someone with dementia, with little knowledge of who to turn to for answers or help.

At Moran Aged Care, our contemporary best practice approach to dementia care places the individual at the centre of every day, enabling them to live a meaningful life in a home-like environment.

We have developed the Discovery Program which focuses on the resident as an individual and recognises that their journey is different and unique from anyone else.  Through the Discovery Program our team works in partnership with residents, their families, GPs and allied health providers to support our residents to experience meaningful and enabling lives in a community that is familiar and comfortable.

Program includes:

Using colour and imagery to aid wayfinding, enabling residents to engage with social spaces independently

Inclusion of sensory activities to help stimulate cognitive recognition

Creating interactive activities and spaces which prompt reminiscence and a sense of belonging

Comfortable and homely areas to encourage social activity and family interaction

Engagement in meaningful and purposeful activities to promote feelings of accomplishment and achievement

Family and resident support sessions with dementia specific education and workshops

Comfortable and private our spacious ensuite rooms are ready for personal and familiar items from home

Understanding individual care needs, routines and rituals; likes and dislikes we provide meaningful support

Our residents are supported by a team of Registered Nurses and Carers trained in dementia care and cognitive impairment who have a demonstrated passion for providing individualised care in this area.

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The Moran Group currently offer five aged care homes. These include:

Ensure Family Care


Moran Engadine 99 Caldarra Avenue Engadine NSW 2233

Help Lonely People


Moran Kellyville, 35 Goodison St, North Kellyville NSW 2155

Elderly Medical Care


Moran Roxburgh Park, 3 Wedgewood Rd, Roxburgh Park, VIC 3064

Provide Healthy Foods


Moran Sylvania 29 Sylvania Rd Sylvania NSW 2224

Provide Healthy Foods


Moran Stockton, 128 Fullerton St, Stockton NSW 2295

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