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Our Kellyville Residential Aged Care home is in an urban setting near recreational and social venues.

Our 2 level home offers resident accommodation in single spacious rooms with private ensuite bathrooms.   Couples can be accommodated in adjoining rooms or in our couples’ suites.  Our many resident spaces are beautifully appointed with a blend of modern and antique furnishings and an extensive collection of Australian art.  Residents have easy access to outdoor areas, terraces and walking paths.


We understand that everyone is different so our care is tailored to your needs.


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Our professional, highly trained team provides round the clock care, 365 days a year. Our Care Manager works closely with our Memory Support Unit Manager, Registered Nurses and extended care team, local GPs and other healthcare professionals to ensure that we provide quality care and medical support for all residents.

Our care model combined with our enhanced lifestyle and wellness programs helps residents to do the things they enjoy; to feel included and to retain as much freedom of choice, independence and control as possible.

We offer care to suit individual needs from low to high care, permanent, respite and specialised dementia care.

*Charges apply for specialist aids and dressings

Registered Nurse 24/7

24/7 Nurse Call System

Permanent & Respite Care

Specialised Dementia Care

Palliative Care

Wellness Centre

Leisure & Lifestyle Activities


Our holistic approach to resident wellbeing means that we look after all of our residents’ care needs from a physical, emotional, social and spiritual health perspective.

We do this through our combined Lifestyle and Wellness programs which aim to ensure that residents have many opportunities to continue with interests and activities that they have enjoyed throughout their lives.  The Lifestyle and Wellness activities on offer promote social interaction, friendship, laughter, fun and importantly continued mobility and independence whilst building resident resilience.

Strong relationships with our local clergy, pastor congregations and churches provide regular onsite services and pastoral support for residents and their families.

We want our residents to look, feel and be the best they can be everyday!


  • Dedicated Lifestyle & Activities Officers
  • Onsite Cinema with surround sound and cinema seating
  • Onsite Library with large print books
  • Communal dining and resident lounge areas
  • Large outdoor balconies, terraces and walking paths
  • Daily events & activities program
  • Moran bus for external outings
  • Private dining room
  • Activity room
  • Onsite Cafe
  • Onsite Hairdresser


  • Onsite Physiotherapist and physio team
  • Wellness Centre – gym and treatment rooms
  • Wellness Program – strength & falls prevention,  exercise, relaxation, walking
  • Memory Support program
  • Respite Care program
  • Visiting podiatrist, dentist, optometrist


The maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) price is $600,000. Rooms vary in aspect and have modern contemporary finishes with views across gardens and courtyards.

Our room size is approximately 21.4 sqm – 22.4 sqm including a private ensuite bathroom. Residents are encouraged to bring  small pieces of furniture and personal items with them.

Final costs are confirmed on the date of admission (subject to receiving the assets and income assessment letter if you choose to carry out this assessment).

The maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) price is $650,000.  Couples and interconnecting rooms are also available.

All rooms are spacious and ensuite with modern contemporary finishes and include a kitchenette with fridge and kettle. Our room size is approximately  21.4 – 22.4 sqm. Rooms vary in aspect and many have a private balcony or private courtyard access.  Residents are encouraged to bring  small pieces of furniture and personal items with them.

Final costs are confirmed on the date of admission (subject to receiving the assets and income assessment letter if you choose to carry out this assessment).

Due for release in 2019

Due for release in 2019

Due for release in 2019


Basic daily care fee


The Basic daily Care Fee equates to 85% of the full pension and is determined by the government. The fee is reviewed on the 20th March and 20th September each year, in line with the pension increase. Everyone in aged care is required to pay this fee unless they are experiencing financial hardship which is determined by Centrelink.

Determined by the Department of Human Services
$25.00 per day

This is a fee charged by the aged care provider. At Moran Kellyville the Extra Service Fee covers

  • Superior interior finishes and furnishings and premium linen
  • Meals prepared by qualified chefs, with a superior choice of dining and beverage options including alcohol
  • Wellness Centre & wellbeing programs, gym and onsite physiotherapist
  • Dedicated lifestyle & activities team with a comprehensive activities program
  • Private dining room
  • Pay TV in communal lounges
  • Guest tea/coffee stations
  • Moran Bus for outings and excursions
  • Balconies and alfresco spaces
  • Free communal newspapers delivered daily
  • Free WiFi in room + free local and national phone calls
  • Pay TV in room with large smart TV
  • Welcome gift on arrival
In addition to care fees you may also be required to pay an accommodation payment. The accommodation payment refers to the price of the room that you choose and will vary across aged care homes. To allow for flexibility there are 4 ways in which you can choose to pay for your accommodation. We recommend that you seek advice from an experienced financial advisor specialising in Aged Care.
Additional services for Moran Aged Care Kellyville

  • Newspaper Delivery for personal use
  • Floral arrangement hire
  • Special events and trips
  • Hire of function rooms
  • Hairdressing appointments
  • Guest meals
  • Additional physiotherapy and allied health visits (optometrist, dentist, podiatrist)

Discovery Program for Memory Support residents only


You have four options for paying your Accommodation Deposit.
Option 1. Daily accommodation payment (DAP)
Option 2. Refundable accommodation deposit (RAD)
Option 3. Combination payment
Option 4. Drawdown payment
Use our payment calculator to help you with your budgeting. You can use this if you know how much (RAD) deposit you can afford or if you know how much you can afford to pay in a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP).
Use the calculator as a budgeting guide only. We recommend that you seek financial advice from an experienced advisor who specialises in Aged Care. We are always happy to discuss funding aged care with you and them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Insert the value of Accommodation Deposit (the cost of the room). See the 'Rooms' section above to find the price range of the room that you are considering.
Use the slider bar to insert the Refundable Deposit amount you have available, The calculator will work out any Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) required. If you have the full lump sum of your Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) available you do not need to pay a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP). You are only required to pay the Basic Daily Care Fee, Daily Means Tested Care Fee and Extra Service Fee (if applicable at the Moran home of your choice).
Use the slider bar to insert the Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP). Note: If you pay your full accommodation cost as a daily fee and have assets to put up as security with no lump sum payment, you can use this method to pay for your accommodation. Note: a DAP attracts an interest fee at the maximum permissible interest rate MPIR. A DAP is a daily payment paid on top of the basic daily care fee, means tested care fees and extra service fee (if applicable at the Moran home of your choice).


Address: Moran Kellyville, 35 Goodison St, Off Foxall Road, North Kellyville NSW 2155
New Resident Enquiries: 1300 544 944
Phone: 02 9881 4222
Email: kellyville@morangroup.com.au
Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 4pm

Contact our Resident Liaison Team to book a tour or complete the Get In Touch Form.



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