Vaccination is top priority for Residents & Employees

Moran Health Care Group has worked tirelessly to support residents and employees to get their
COVID vaccination. A key part of the Moran Health Care Group’s COVID Emergency Response Plan
has been to take preventative action against transmission of the virus. We acted early and
aggressively to achieve high rates of employee and resident vaccination.

Moran invested time and resources on vaccination education and communication to our
employees, resident community’s, and their families. The General Managers of each of our Homes
met with and supported every employee who was concerned or who had questions about the
vaccination. We have worked with our local GPs to supplement the commonwealth vaccination
program for residents.

Currently we have close to 100% vaccination rate of all our employees across our four Residential
Aged Care Homes and an average resident vaccination rate of 94%. This has been a real team
effort. We deployed a team member to physically book appointments for employees who were
struggling to schedule their own vaccination and residents actively advocated and encouraged
employees to have the vaccination to play their part to keep everyone safe.

Our residents and their families have shown a keen interest in the vaccination rates of residents
and closely follow the vaccination coverage of employees. Residents have openly discussed that
they want all staff to be vaccinated in the home and our employees have also told us that they
prefer to work with staff members who are vaccinated. Both parties want to know that a Moran
Home is a COVID safe place for them to live and work.

Currently Moran are appealing to everyone who wishes to live, work, and connect with our
resident communities in the future to get vaccinated now in preparation for when we can re-open
to visitors.

“We are very proud that our employees are committed to playing their part to keep everyone
safe. Thankfully we do not have COVID-19 cases in any of our homes. Everyone has worked
tirelessly over the past 20 months to keep it that way, and we cannot praise the dedication of our
employees enough who have gone to extraordinary lengths.

Living in an aged care home where the residents and employees are vaccinated, must be one of
the safest places for a vulnerable person to be in these times. Residents are safe and well cared
for and they benefit from social interactions that they wouldn’t be getting at home.” Said Lorraine
Kelly, General Manager, Moran Sylvania.

Moran Homes located in Sylvania, Engadine, Kellyville (NSW) and Roxburgh Park (VIC) offer
residential aged care, respite care, specialist dementia care and palliative care.

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