Alfie’s Extended Family

Visitors at Moran Kellyville are an important part of our resident’s wellbeing and when those visitors come with their own furry coat, there are smiles all around!  Family members from all generations are welcomed into our homes (when COVID restrictions allow) but the visitors who often get the most attention are well behaved pets.

“Sometimes when new residents move into our home, either on respite or permanently, they leave behind a pet who they miss dearly.  To remedy this, we encourage family members to bring their pets for a visit as often as they can.  We are lucky to have beautiful gardens in our Home that are perfect for pet visits but indoor visits are common too” said Nelly Banag, General Manager Moran Kellyville.

In recent times West Highland Terrier ‘Alfie’ has been coming to Moran Kellyville to visit, his parent Sylvia is the Quality and Education Coordinator at Moran Kellyville.  He loves pats and sitting with residents.

“Bringing Alfie to work with me makes everyone more relaxed and happier.  He even has his own official Care Plan, it’s a fun guide to his wants and needs that our residents use to get to know him better.” said Sylvia.

Here is an excerpt from Alfie’s Care Plan:

I like to play chase and catch and I have many toys to play with. I have a calm character and don’t normally make noises.  Please do not feed me with any food as I have a very fragile tummy and can be easily affected.  I am well trained for toileting, please take me for a walk outside every 5-6 hours.  I love shaking hands, being cuddled over my neck and back.  My skin is sensitive and my paws must remain dry to avoid skin infection. Please kindly dry my paws with paper towel if they get wet.  I love sitting on your lap and looking around.  I will have naps in my pram with a blanket between 9am-10am after my breakfast and in the afternoon around 3pm-4pm. I dislike watching TV as I scare of shadows and if I start barking, which I don’t normally do, pat me on my back and tell me it is okay.

It has been reported in Australia that up to 40% of aged care home residents do not receive regular visitors, a statistic we are determined not to reach in Moran Homes.  For family members who find visiting their loved one in aged care difficult, bringing a pet along with them breaks the ice, puts everyone at ease and is a great talking point.  It encourages reminiscing about favourite pets and the heart-warming stories that go with them…something that is very important as we age.

To find out more about care at Moran Kellyville, call 9881 4222 or 1300 544 944 or contact us online.

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