Celebrating Inspirational Women at Moran Kellyville

8th March is the day that we celebrate International Women’s Day, recognising women from all walks of life, all over the world.  We recently met two very inspiring ladies who live at Moran Kellyville in the newly opened Woodlands Prestige Suites.

Rosa’s Story

In 1960 at the age of 33 Rosa Sanchez (left) emigrated to Australia from Spain with two children, a son aged 7 and daughter aged 10.  On her arrival she was reunited with her husband Manuel who had emigrated 5 years earlier.  He was working as a labourer on the Snowy Mountains Scheme.  Manuel had come to Australia to work and make a better life for Rosa and his small family.    Their son Jose had polio and they were struggling to pay for the medical treatment he needed, so Rosa stayed behind in Alicante, Spain while Manuel, worked and sent money home for medical bills and saved for their fare and a deposit for a home in Australia.    When Rosa arrived at their new home in Balmain, neither she nor the children spoke English and except for her sister-in-law there were no other Spanish people in her community.   Life was tough, Rosa was terribly homesick for her huge family in Spain.

Over time Rosa settled into Australian life, and 12 years later welcomed another son to the family.  She was a great cook and found herself working in the TAA airport cafeteria for many years and then as a domestic housekeeper.

Rosa’s son, Jose told us that his mum and dad were totally committed to improving their lot and to creating opportunities for their children.   He says that “She is a fantastic mum, she always made sure that we had an enjoyable childhood even when times were tough”.

Rosa’s daughter Rosita said, “Mum always had an open fridge and an open pantry, no-one ever went hungry in our house”.

These days Rosa continues to do the things that give her joy such as knitting and crocheting and enjoys the company of her children and grandchildren, attending as many family gatherings as she can.


Betty’s Story

Betty Pearson (right) 86, has been passionate about art for longer than she can remember.   She was inspired as a child to paint by a teacher at school who gave her some private lessons but didn’t start painting until she was in her 30s.   From this point she came a prolific painter of Australian landscapes and later began teaching oil and watercolour painting at a local community college.  Giving her time for free she spent 35 years teaching weekly classes and inspiring hundreds of amateur artists along the way.

Her students who often became friends, talk warmly about her teaching style which was one of encouragement.  Betty taught them to not be critical of their ability and to simply enjoy being creative and to follow their passion.   Betty’s classes were always popular, and people returned term after term just because they enjoyed the positive environment created by Betty and their fellow students.

Betty’s daughter Jen reflects that her mum was the same at home “no matter what we did mum always celebrated us for who we were. We didn’t have to be the best, we just had to try our best! She encouraged us experience new things and to do what made us happy. Our Mum came from very humble beginnings, both her and Dad were honest and hardworking and believed in giving back to their community.  They really did inspire us to live by those values and to appreciate the natural beauty around us.”

Betty has won awards for art and lists her memorable events as spending time with her father, being part of the Girl Guides and especially meeting Lady Baden Powell.  She also met the NSW Governor Marie Bashir and spent 3 years in New York, taking art lessons and completing a Diploma of Art.

Betty has passed her passion for teaching to her granddaughter Kelly who, inspired by her Nanna’s nurturing style, is now studying to become a primary school teacher.   Kelly along with her sister Shannon are also keen collectors of their Nanna’s artworks.

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