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Let’s face it, food is a topic we all love to discuss and ‘Maggie Beer’s Big Mission’ airing on ABC and ABC iView from 9th July 2024 is shining a much-needed light on aged care meals and dining experiences, a hot topic in many Homes in recent times.

Food preparation in aged care homes is quite different to that in restaurants and cafes and there are several processes our food service teams follow to meet government guidelines and recommendations.  Unlike some other aged care Homes, Moran Homes prepare all meals in-house.  All menus are designed in conjunction with a nutritionist who specialises in aged care and checks they are nutritionally sound.  We use fresh ingredients in the main, sourced from bespoke providores.  Our meat is supplied by a halal-certified butcher.

Resident’s tastes, needs and expectations are diverse and change over time. We always strive to do better and use different methods to continuously improve our food, our dining experience and the nutrition residents receive. Allowing choice is vital as is enabling residents to give their feedback and suggestions on the weekly menu and offering a variety of nutritious snacks and food-based activities throughout the day.

Food forums are held regularly in Moran Homes. They are an opportunity for residents to chat directly with the Chef Manager. Sometimes brutally honest, our residents’ comments guide menu improvements and seasonal menu changes.

Menu tastings whenever a new seasonal menu is about to be introduced, are sometimes used to involve residents in food choices.  This allows our Chef Manager to try new recipes and gauge residents’ approval or disapproval before finalizing the menu.

Cooking demonstrations give residents the opportunity to reminisce about memories of cooking or being cooked for.  The aroma of freshly cooked food is an important part of triggering memories and most importantly the desire to eat.

Hands on resident cooking sessions are held by request. Some residents find a common bond and joy in this activity, stimulating the taste buds among other senses! Pizza making is particularly popular.

Food based events like an Aussie BBQ for Australia Day or a high tea for Mother’s Day do more than just fill our Lifestyle Calendar. They are an important way to encourage higher calorie intake and social eating. Many of the events take into consideration the cultural background of our residents to ensure their heritage is celebrated. Bus outings to local restaurants and cafes or even for takeaway/picnics promote social eating and help residents to feel stimulated to eat.

Moran Homes grow their own produce to varying degrees, with many residents choosing to be involved. More than just a hobby, they can eat freshly picked oranges, have fresh herbs included in their meals and have the satisfaction of watching tomatoes ripen. It is all about reminiscing, stimulating the senses and encouraging good eating.

Moran Homes use a Natural Food Fortification Program (NFF), an integrated approach to help residents maintain their weight. It puts real food first and artificial supplements last. It relies on the increased use of eggs, cheese, full cream milk powder etc. in residents’ meals. By making the most of each mouthful, NFF provides residents with a real food solution to reduce the risk of weight loss. Read more here.

Ensuring residents have a choice of appetizing foods in sociable and homely environments is a priority for all Moran Homes.  To find out more about how you can join these friendly communities,  please get in touch with us.


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