Feeling Safe During COVID-19

We were chatting to Edith earlier in the week about her experience of living in our residential community at Moran Roxburgh Park.

Edith has called Moran Roxburgh Park home for the past five months and says she likes living here “there is always someone new to meet and to have a talk with, the staff are lovely and helpful.”  Edith says she feels very safe living at Moran Roxburgh Park especially with the COVID-19 situation although she admits to “looking forward to the day that she can go shopping again.”

Edith has five children, twelve grand-children and nine great grand-children.   Edith maintains her hobbies and interests whilst living in aged care keeping herself busy doing patchwork quilting, knitting, crocheting and card making.

She also told us that “my sister Brenda who lives in Queensland and I have been sending each other the same birthday card back and forth for 13 years.  We write a short message on it and send it back at birthday time.  It’s getting pretty full now!” she laughed.

If you would like to know more about any of our Moran Homes have a chat to us on 1300 944 544



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