What Italians do Best

Helping our residents live life to the best of their ability is one of our goals and calling on memories and culture is one of the keys to creating memorable moments and experiences.  Recently Moran Kellyville Chef, Aaron Dempsey, spent a morning with a group of residents to whom reminiscing is particularly important as they are living with dementia.  Some of the residents have an Italian background, so they did what many Italians do best, cooked!  Kneading dough and using the pasta machine to make pasta was something they all enjoyed doing.  A delicious Ricotta Pie was also prepared.  Chef Aaron enjoyed learning from the residents’ stories, and they were loving it too!

When they all sat down for a tasty meal of homemade pasta with fresh marinara sauce, it tasted all the better for the morning they had spent together, reliving their memories, and putting their lifelong skills to use.

Moran Kellyville has two communities created specially to help residents living with a diagnosis of dementia, The Cottage and Homestead.  The Cottage and Homestead communities have a warm homelike feeling – they feel friendly and the pace is calm and relaxed.  They provide the right environment to enable residents to continue with meaningful activities they are familiar with and enjoy, whether it be cooking, making the beds or hanging out washing.

Developed by Moran Aged Care, based on research and best practice, our Discovery Program in the Cottage and Homestead focuses on each resident as an individual and recognises that their journey is different and unique from anyone else.  By understanding our residents’ routines, likes and needs we help them to feel like they are understood, are useful and that they matter.

Dementia Week supported by Dementia Australia is held in September.  It raises awareness of the disease and whilst there is no cure, day to day activities can help residents living with dementia by helping maintain their self-sufficiency and confidence.

If your loved one has a diagnosis of dementia and you’re thinking about respite care or a move into permanent residential aged care, we invite you to come and see the community at Moran Kellyville for yourself.  Please phone our Resident Liaison Team on 9881 4222 or visit our contact us page for information.


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