Aged Care vs Retirement Living

finding out about aged care living options
There has been a lot of news recently regarding retirement living and possible pitfalls that seniors can experience when choosing their place of living.  At Moran Health Care Group, we provide premium residential aged care.  In this article, we explain the difference between this type of living and that offered in a retirement home.

Residential Aged Care is highly regulated by federal legislation meaning that checks and balances are part of our operations on a day to day basis. We undergo a high level of scrutiny in our quality and processes.  Retirement homes are state regulated.

You can only enter a Residential Aged Care Home after receiving an ACAT (Aged Care) assessment. Moving into a Retirement Village is a lifestyle choice.

Differences are evident in the way deposits are handled.  To secure a place in a Moran Aged Care home a fully refundable government guaranteed deposit is paid.  “When moving into a retirement village there are usually hefty exit fees that apply when you leave the village. You are likely to get back less than what you paid.” said Michael Schnabel, Sanctuary Financial Services.

When living in a Moran Aged Care home, you can expect to receive full board, cleaning of your room, washing of your clothes, organised activities, 24 hour a day nursing care and a home environment of a high standard.  Retirement village living usually includes maintenance of your property and surrounds as well as some organized activities.  Ongoing fees in both aged care and retirement living are paid by the resident but in aged care homes they are supplemented by the government depending on your means.

Moran Health Care Group has a new website that leaves no misconceptions on price, care fees and daily charges.  Visitors to the site can clearly calculate what their costs will be based on their individual circumstances. You can  preview it here

No matter which seniors living choice you make, it is essential to obtain financial advice from a specialist in aged care.  Moran Health Care Group runs regular seminars bringing together independent financial and legal specialists in the field of aged care to help to dispel any myths and make your decision easier.  The next free seminar is on Tuesday 29 August at Moran Sylvania.  Bookings can be made online here or by phoning (02) 9532 6222.

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