Cherishing our Mothers

For Mother’s Day 2020 we are sharing the story of Mimi Gayed, a Moran Kellyville resident with one VERY large family.

Mimi was born and grew up in Cairo at the start of the great depression in 1930, the eldest of 5 daughters. Mimi married Makram and together they had three children; Adel, Mona and Harry. Due to circumstances in the Middle East, Mimi and Makram decided to immigrate to Sydney with their children in 1969 in search of a better life. None of them spoke English at the time, though Mimi spoke French and soon learned English with the help of her friends and workmates in a soap factory.

Mimi later worked for STC, a telecommunications cabling company in Rosebery. She also cared for husband Makram who sadly lost his battle with cancer in 1988. Makram and Mimi’s three children all married and had their own children, giving them six granddaughters and one grandson. Five much cherished great-grandchildren have also been added to the family.

Mimi has had a happy and fulfilled life surrounded by her family. She was fortunate to be close to her sisters all of whom immigrated to Australia. She enjoyed being part of a close community at Padstow where she lived and now feels thankful to be cared for at Moran Kellyville. She loves bingo, art and craft and flower decorating. She also enjoys strong links to Mt Nicholas Orthodox Church at Punchbowl where she finds great peace and happiness.

“I know everyone says how much their mother means to their family but in Mimi’s case, she truly is the most adored and respected woman we know. She shows love, patience and endearment to all her loved ones. Mum means the world to so many people and to our family she is the absolute world. We love her with all our hearts” said Mona & Jean, Mimi’s daughters

If you would like to know more about Moran Aged Care please call and have a chat to Deanne on 1300 544 944 or via our contact page, we have rooms available and can support you through the COVID-19 pandemic with respite to permanent care.

Mimi Gayed with her big family


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