Memories of My Mother

Most of us enjoy reminiscing about the past and for seniors this can be an especially beneficial and enjoyable past-time.  When we take the time to encourage and listen to someone re-tell a story from their past, we see them come alive with the memory.

As part of our Mother’s Day celebrations, Moran Sylvania carers decided to collaborate with residents on a project called Memories of My Mother.  This project took the simple act of chatting and recalling events from the past, focusing on remembering their Mother’s.   Through asking questions and sharing their stories, carers assisted residents to connect with long-ago memories of their Mum’s and documented the stories they were told.

Said Lorraine Kelly, General Manager featured in the video– this was an extremely enjoyable project for everyone involved. Whilst not everyone is a Mum, everyone has a Mother or a figure in their life who fulfilled that very special role.

As we began to document resident memories of their Mother’s it became very clear that we could preserve and present these stories as a gift for family members for Mother’s Day”.  Each memory was put on a beautiful background and emailed to resident family members in time for Mother’s Day.

91-year-old Terese Cooper has been living at Moran Sylvania for 10 months, tragically she lost her Mum when she was just 9 years old.  Terese grew up in Lithgow and recalled a memory of a happy family holiday taken in Manley just before her Mum passed away.  Terese remembers being in a children’s park which had a big slippery dip and told the story of the family teasing her because she was frightened to go on it.   In a bid to show her that it was fun and easy to do her Mum went down the slippery dip and unfortunately hurt her back.  Watch Terese’s interview below.

Teresa’s Memory of My Mother was turned into a lovely A4 print and presented to her family as a gift.  Terese is Mum to four children – Chris, Mark, Catherine and Maria.

Here are a few messages of thanks from our family members

Oh that is a beautiful thing to do, we loved the memories. Thank you Emily and everyone for your love and caring ways, we are so grateful, Michelle & Family x

Beautiful, thanks for sharing  – Catherine & Family

Thanks for doing this as it is important to Terry to remember his mum.  This is the first year he hasn’t been able to take flowers to Woronora.  You are so caring, thank you – Margaret

That was beautiful. Yes my grandmother Josephine had 10 children.  She passed over 60 years ago, sadly missed all these years – Carmen x

This is very true of my Nan! I am surprised that Dad didn’t mention her baking skills!  She was an epic baker – thank you for everything you are doing for Dad – Sandy

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