General Manager’s own experience in choosing aged care


General Manager Moran Roxburgh Park, Darinka Rozanic, shares her own story of choosing aged care for her mother Sandra.

The decision to place a parent into residential aged care is never easy with lots of adjustment needed for both the resident and their family. I have worked in residential care for more than 20 years now and have spoken and reassured many families during this time that they are making the right decision, no matter how difficult it can be. Over the last few months, I have experienced first hand the challenges of settling my own dear Mum into aged care. Over the last few months, I have experienced first hand the challenges of settling my own dear Mum, Sandra, into aged care. Having tried different care options for her resulting in the need for permanent care, I knew in good conscience that Moran Roxburgh Park offered the best options. Before coming to this decision, I experienced what most families experience, ANXIETY. Who would care for her? Would they be kind? Would she be safe? Would they talk to her, support her and so on?

Not long after my Mum moved into Chelsea House at Moran Roxburgh Park I saw a sense of calm wash over her. Living with dementia, word finding is difficult for her, but in recent weeks Mum found her voice to tell me: “I like that one a lot!” pointing to one of the team members. Another day she said “They are so nice” and on a third day Mum found the words to say “I like playing the games.”

As many of you know, watching someone you love succumb to dementia is difficult, but to hear such positivity affirmed that (1) moving Mum into Moran was the right decision and (2) what we do at Moran really does make a difference, definitely helps with the process.

If you’re considering aged care for yourself or a loved one, we can help talk you through any concerns you have and discuss your options.  Contact us today.

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