Improving Independence and Mobility

At Moran we are passionate about encouraging and teaching people how to maintain their strength and mobility.   Our structured physiotherapy program has helped many residents to improve their independence and reduce falls.  At all Moran Homes residents can take gentle group exercise classes and they say that they enjoy the classes because they are fun, social and it gets their body and brain moving.

We talked to Moran Engadine Senior Physiotherapist Nell Tugcu about what we can all do to improve our general wellbeing and even to reverse frailty as this is what reduces our ability to remain independent as we age. She prescribes two and a half hours of movement a week, tailored to each person.

Said Nell

“My advice is, that no matter what your age, it is important look after your general wellbeing by eating healthy food, being social and keeping active.  I’m very passionate about designing specialized exercise programs that suits the wellbeing of each of our residents.

Recently, one of our residents, Sheila, was worried about visiting her daughter’s home for a family celebration because of the stairs.  We worked with her on improving her use of stairs and she came home from the celebration elated that she was able to do it.”

Signs of frailty to look out for include:

  • losing weight when you’re not trying to
  • feeling weak, finding it harder to open things because of a decrease in grip strength; having trouble standing without assistance
  • everything takes a bit longer, a slower walking speed
  • feeling exhausted and finding it hard to get going
  • too much sitting down, low physical activity and reduced mobility”

Moran Sylvania physiotherapist Dhan Srinivas said

“It is our experience that once someone settles into residential care, they respond well to our fun exercise programs which not only helps them gain purpose and confidence, but also helps them to build muscle strength, balance, coordination, endurance and allows them to maintain and improve their physical function no matter what their ability is. Developing confidence through exercise is a great way to reduce your risk of falling”

At Moran Homes, we concentrate on a healthy diet.  Our Chefs prepare fresh meals every day so residents benefit from eating ingredients that help build their strength such as fruit, vegetables, proteins, good fats, whole grains and dairy products.   Meals are eaten in our dining rooms, so they are a social occasion as well.

We know that taking medication properly and as prescribed is also important and our care teams assist residents with their medications.

Physio and lifestyle teams also work with residents who are staying with us for respite care, often these residents come to us after a fall or a hospital stay and we assist them with regaining their mobility before they return home.   For more information on Respite, Short Stay or Permanent Care please contact us by phone or email.

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