One Year Anniversary at Stockton

When Moran Health Care Group took over Stockton’s only Aged Care Home in 2023, there were plans to transform it into a beautiful Home that the close-knit community in Stockton (Newcastle NSW) would be proud of.  The investment that Moran has already made at Moran Stockton is evident in the look and feel of the Home as well as the growing highly skilled team. Residents of the Home, many of whom have lived in Stockton for most of their lives, feel that they have “won the lottery” as one resident put it, when describing the lovely new environment. 

  • 34 stunning rooms have been completely refurbished in Plover and Kingfisher households.  All rooms in the Home have private ensuite bathrooms and are air conditioned. 
  • Dining areas have been refurbished with light bright décor and take advantage of the beautiful views over the river. 
  • A fine dining room is ready for residents to use exclusively for their own family gatherings and special events. 
  • The gardens, balconies and terraces have begun a makeover to provide beautiful outdoor spaces for residents and visitors to relax in.  
  • A new covered ambulance bay has been added
  • A new front entrance on Chester Street, lift upgrades, new linen, upgraded security, new flooring, the list goes on.   
  • With more employees on each shift, two beautiful new break rooms have been created to accommodate the growing team that includes clinical staff, carers, lifestyle, food services, accommodation services, administration and maintenance staff. 
  • Employees have new and additional equipment to help make their jobs safer and more efficient. 
  • Investment has been made in education of the Moran Stockton team beginning with the addition of an on-site educator to oversee the program.  Team members have access to a comprehensive range of online and on the job training modules.  The education program is used to set a high standard across all Moran Aged Care Homes and ensures easy access to a wealth of knowledge.
  • Introduction of a buddy program for new staff allowing easy transfer of knowledge from existing team members and an easier transition into the Home for new staff
  • Inclusion of nursing students from the University of Newcastle to utilise the Home as a training ground from time to time, much to the delight of residents.   

Moran Health Care Group prides itself on ensuring that the values of respect, kindness, dignity and compassion are an integral part of the care they provide every day.  Under Moran’s ownership and guidance, this wonderful community of residents and staff is finally getting the love and attention it deserves. 

Moran Stockton offers permanent and respite care in a modern homely environment.  To find out more about how you can join this friendly community, contact us

If you want to find out more about joining the team at Moran Stockton including a list of positions vacant, visit the careers page.


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