The Art of Happiness

A new approach to aged care lifestyle goes beyond traditional bingo games to discover a more creative way of life.  Residents have found the profound difference an art class can make.

“I see the residents’ behaviour change at every class.  I see their trust, sense of confidence and artistic abilities grow.  They form a relationship with me and know they can relax, have fun, see new artwork and make something unique with their own hands.  I see a positive shift in them” said Michelle Robinson, The Creative Teacher.

“Every time I visit Moran Kellyville, I use different art materials from watercolours, acrylic paints, pastels, pencils and ink so no two classes are ever the same.  Interests are nurtured and new ideas are encouraged and as we all sit down together, conversations are shared and laughter abounds. Watching the residents leave with huge smiles on their faces and handfuls of paintings they have created is just wonderful!” said Michelle.

For each class, Michelle brings art history books, large and small artworks as well as tactile items to smell and reminisce over, so there is something to interest everyone. Recent inspiration has included fresh red roses, beautiful autumn leaves, fresh herbs from the garden as well as artworks from the Pacific Islands, indigenous artworks, Monet, Picasso, and Kandinsky.  Michelle often comes wearing clothes that relate to the class which is a bit of fun!

Music and art
Music is also essential, with a hand picked playlist themed for each class. For the roses class, music from the 1920s onwards that mentions roses and for the Kandinsky class a classical playlist reflecting the artist’s love of painting whilst attending orchestras.  The playlists are always inspiring and joyful, full of music that residents are familiar with to support reminiscing and conversations at the tables with their friends.

The Residents
Participation in the art class ranges from conversations to remembering past experiences and talking about famous artists, art theory and composition of art.  It’s tailored to the abilities and interests of each resident; some come to class and work with total concentration on their art works while others might enjoy the colours, textures and social connection.

“I only started to love art when I came to Moran Kellyville.  I never did any of this when living at home.  I love to colour flowers because it makes me happy.  My other passion is colouring birds and wildlife. If I feel down sometimes, I take out my pens and start to colour which makes me feel happy inside.  My life has changed for the better since moving to Moran Kellyville because I am doing things that make me happy and am encouraged by the staff and friends every day,” said resident Brigitte Karl.

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Moran Kellyville offers respite and permanent care in a modern homely environment.  To find out more about how you can join this friendly community, please contact us.

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