Gardening for Health and Happiness

Gardening is not just for green thumbs at Moran Kellyville where we can wholeheartedly vouch for the health benefits of growing, cooking and eating our own produce.  Our residents have ‘left no stone unturned’ when it comes to creating a produce garden and now have an impressive summer collection of home-grown tomatoes, capsicums and herbs.  They started by drawing up plans on paper earlier in the year, then moved on to planting and nurturing the seedlings.  Now being picked, the summer produce along with home grown herbs, are used in the home’s kitchen to produce fresh pasta sauce and salads.   The sensory benefits of the gardens also extend to the perfume of the plantings and the cooking which can be smelt throughout the home.

With raised garden beds we have ensured that gardening is an activity which can be enjoyed by many Moran Kellyville residents, even those with limited mobility.   In-house Physiotherapist Sarah Kew said “We always encourage residents to participate in exercise and mobility sessions but through gardening activities residents can also keep physically active and maintain and improve flexibility, strength and fine motor skills.”  They also enjoy plenty of banter with their fellow residents and our team, sharing stories, knowledge and experiences.  Gardening even exercises the mind, with concentration being on the task at hand, rather than any worries.  Taking time out to enjoy nature and the sunshine puts a smile on everyone’s face.   “I could stay in the garden all day” said Moran Kellyville resident, Beverley (pictured in the tomato garden with fellow resident George and chef, Aaron Dempsey).

“Residents who are new to our home, find gardening to be a great way to get to know their fellow residents and our team.  Having an activity like gardening to focus on, helps new residents to settle in, it gives purpose and makes it feel more like home” said General Manager, Nelly Banag.  “Most residents come from a time when families grew their own vegetables and they enjoy swapping stories and reminiscing about those times…we enjoy it too.  It has started a lot of interesting conversations surrounding gardening and cooking” she said.

If you’re thinking about respite care or a move to permanent residential aged care, we invite you to come and see the community at Moran Kellyville for yourself.  Please contact our Resident Liaison Team on (02) 9881 4222 for information.

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