COVID LIFE Photographic Exhibition, Moran Sylvania

The Moran Sylvania ‘COVID LIFE PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION’ illustrates the everyday experiences of the residents and team at Moran Sylvania through the COVID-19 pandemic, showing life during COVID times as seen through the eyes of the residents and employees who live and work there

With families having limited access to their loved ones during the pandemic, the practice of keeping everyone connected and communications regular and informed took on a life of its own.  This exhibition is almost like the final piece of the communication puzzle and fills in some of the gaps for families.

Said General Manager, Lorraine Kelly “We wanted to share the COVID-19 experience inside the Home with family and friends, residents and team members in a visual and honest way.   The photographs have been taken by team members and illustrate the resilience of our community, mateship and what a team can achieve in the face of adversity…we are all feeling proud of ourselves and of our residents and want to share that experience with others.

Once we realised that we were in this for the long run we started to get creative with our thinking, we were committed to keeping everyone safe and minimising risk of infection in our home but we were also committed to celebrating, laughing and creating memorable moments as a community.”

The exhibition shares a collection of images captured throughout the COVID-19 period to-date.  Including a world cruise on the S.S. Moran, Reach the Summit Challenge, Celebrations of 2020, Memorable Moments and behind the scenes images of a COVID Safe Home.

Said Peter Moran, Managing Director – “I thank Lorraine and the team on behalf of Moran Health Care Group, our residents and their family and friends for their commitment and tireless effort to keep our Home and our community safe.   Not only did they keep each other safe, they demonstrated that by keeping positive and thinking outside the square that they could still have fun and experience new and different things.

Said Lorraine Kelly, General Manager – “We have worked hard to make the best out of a challenging situation, and we have supported each other as a community.  During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic our thoughts and prayers went out every day to the residents, staff and families at other Aged Care Homes who suffered the devastating effects COVID outbreaks in their homes.

For media enquiries contact Anne Samuel, Marketing Manager 0418 136 066 or by email.

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