Wally’s Story

At 95 years of age, Walter Anyon-Smith had planned to live out his days at home but the isolation that came with COVID-19 and the fact that television was ‘a bit boring’, led him to a new lease of life at Moran Kellyville.

Wally was born and raised in Auburn where he lived for 70 years until retiring to Wangi Wangi on Lake Macquarie. His brother was just a year younger than him and he also had three older step-sisters. He and his brother enjoyed all the mischief of childhood together and all the siblings have remained close throughout their lives.

After leaving school in grade 6, Wally worked as a Power Press Operator. At age 18 he joined the Australian Airforce until 1947 when he was discharged. He then started a traineeship as a boot repairer, a job which he stuck with throughout his working life (Wally is pictured between two work mates above).

Wally’s mother was a piano teacher who taught him a love of music and he continues to play the piano to this day. He is often delighting the team and residents at Moran Kellyville, even making vaccination day more enjoyable for everyone by playing his music. One of his favourite pieces of music to play on the piano is ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. He plays from memory.

Like many young adults, Wally enjoyed going to dances and it was there that he met Coral who he married in 1954. Together they had an adopted daughter, Vicky and two sons, Russell and David. The family enjoyed many camping and caravanning trips together, making life-long friends along the way. Coral and Wally enjoyed gardening and were part of the Orchid Society. After retiring to Wangi Wangi they became involved with their local community through the Healthy Living for Seniors Group, Meals on Wheels and the Workers Club.

After Coral’s passing and as Wally aged, his GP encouraged him to move into residential care and since moving to Moran Kellyville, Wally is happier. He lives closer to his son. He is no longer isolated and enjoys playing bingo each day. He is also enjoying more nutritious meals and of course, has plenty of opportunities to play his piano.  On moving to Moran Kellyville, Wally said

“Couldn’t be better off anywhere else. The atmosphere is great!”

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